Optius basic subscription

The Basic subscription is intended for sole proprietors and micro companies that have occasional needs for new co-workers. It provides independent publications of advertisements in the system as well as access to all the portal tools that will make your work easier when selecting the most suitable candidates.

  • 1 user of your user account
  • You may post up to 100 job advertisements (without logo)
  • Unlimited text volume in job advertisements
  • Unlimited access to Optius portal simple e-tools
  • Optius: advertisement management, revisions of candidates' applications, selections, communication with candidates, etc.
  • Publication of an individual advertisement for up to 30 days
  • 2x notification of suitable candidates via E-informator (a day after the publication and a day before the advertisement expires) about each of your advertisements
  • Possible to purchase additional ad exposure
  • Possible to purchase entry ad

Optius PrimerSimpl narocnine senca2

Example of advertisement appearance.

The subscription is concluded for a maximum period of one year or until the consumption of the purchased advertisement quota (100 advertisements), whichever occurs sooner. In the event that the subscription-purchased advertisement quota is not consumed before the expiration of one year, the unconsumed advertisement quota cannot be transferred into a potential new subscription period. In the event that the purchased advertisement quota is consumed before the expiration of the one-year period as of subscription, the subscription is terminated. You acquire a new advertisement quota by concluding a new subscription. A republication of the same advertisement is deemed a new publication.


The unlimited annual subscription is available to the most demanding clients and is tailor-made for the needs of employers. It provides an unlimited number of advertisements. Send us an inquiry!