Optius optimum subscription

The Optimum subscription is a good choice for small, medium and large companies that search for several new co-workers and wish to find them as soon as possible. It provides the publication of advertisements that will be even more attractive and exposed with your logo and central picture or video, thus further fortifying your trademark. With the possibility of access by up to three persons from your company, it will be a valuable tool in the optimisation of work in the company when searching for candidates.

  • Up to 3 users of your user account
  • Publication of up to 100 job advertisements with a logo, enriched with a central picture or video
  • Unlimited text volume in job advertisements
  • Unlimited access to Optius portal simple e-tools: advertisement management, revision of candidates' applications, selections, communication with candidates, etc.
  • Publication of an individual advertisement up to 30 days
  • 2x notification of suitable candidates via E-informator (a day after the publication and a day before the advertisement expires) about each of your advertisements
  • Logo on the list of advertisements
  • Unlimited insight into the resume databases (you will find over 700 newly entered resumes monthly)
  • Possibility of multi-channel advertising
  • Possible to purchase additional ad exposure
  • Possible to purchase entry ad

Optius PrimerOptiOglasa novo3

Example of advertisement appearance.

The subscription is concluded for a maximum period of one year or until the consumption of the purchased advertisement quota (100 advertisements), whichever occurs sooner. In the event that the subscription-purchased advertisement quota is not consumed before the expiration of one year, the unconsumed advertisement quota cannot be transferred into a potential new subscription period. In the event that the purchased advertisement quota is consumed before the expiration of the one-year period as of subscription, the subscription is terminated. You acquire a new advertisement quota by concluding a new subscription. A republication of the same advertisement is deemed a new publication.


The unlimited annual subscription is available to the most demanding clients and is tailor-made for the needs of employers. It provides an unlimited number of advertisements. Send us an inquiry!